Street Sweeping

Street sweeping not only keeps your neighborhood looking clean but it also plays a very important role in improving water quality.  Sweeping removes dirt and debris that would otherwise be washed into the storm sewer system that convey rainwater to nearby creeks, streams, the Susquehanna River, and eventually the Chesapeake Bay.

Unfortunately, the Department does not have the time or resources to regularly post and enforce “No Parking For Street Sweeping”.  Occasionally we will post streets where streets have become exceptionally dirty due to cars always being parked along the curb.  These streets will be posted at least two days in advance and cars that are not moved will be ticketed.  

Our street sweeping equipment includes:

  • 2016 Tymco 600 Regenerative Air Sweeper
  • 2020 Tymco 600 Regenerative Air Sweeper

We do sweep according to the following schedule and ask that driveways be utilized if possible on these days:

  • Mondays:  Chambers Hill Area (South of RT322 and East of I283).
  • Tuesdays:  Rutherford (North of RT 322 from N.61st St. to the Swatara Creek).
  • Wednesdays:  Lenker Manor and Lawnton (From Paxtang Borough to N. 61St St.).
  • Thursdays:  Oberlin (north of Highland St) Oberlin Gardens, 29th St. area.
  • Fridays:  Oberlin (south of Highland St), Enhaut, Bressler.

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