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Members appointed by the Township Board of Commissioners

Members of the Zoning Hearing Board are volunteer residents of the Township and are appointed by Resolution for a term of three years by the Township Board of Commissioners.  The Swatara Township Zoning Hearing Board meets on an as-needed basis and will advertise their meetings according to regulations found in the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code and Township Zoning Ordinance.
See “HEARINGS” tab for notices of upcoming meetings and hearings of the ZHB.


Phillip G. Bear, ChairmanTerm: 2021 through 2023
Theresa Johnson, MemberTerm: 2019 through 2021
Betsy H. Taylor, Member Term: 2020 through 2022
Henry M. Kohl, Alternate   Term: 2019 through 2021(replacing Darrin Robinson in Oct. 2019)


Linus E. Fenicle, Esq., ZHB Solicitor

Robert E. Ihlein, Township Zoning Officer

N. Fran Peck, Recording Secretary

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