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Core responsibilities for the Public Works Department include street sweeping, roadside vegetation control, roadside mowing, pothole and road repairs, leaf collection, leaf and wood compost processing, line painting, winter maintenance, vehicle and equipment maintenance. 

Another growing important job function for the Public Works Department is Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System or (MS-4).  This includes cleaning and repairs of inlets, storm sewer pipe repairs and replacement, cleaning of inlet tops and yearly inspection of over 4,000 inlets.  MS-4 is an EPA and PA DEP mandated law spawning from the Clean Waters Act of 1972.

Parks and Recreation employees core responsibilities include maintenance of the 17 public parks and building’s in Swatara Township.  Maintenance includes play piece maintenance and inspections, plumbing and electrical maintenance and repairs, mowing and landscape maintenance, winter maintenance, HVAC and general building maintenance.  

Seasonal Activities

Winter Activities:  While snow removal from the roadways is at the forefront of winter activities, Public Works Department crews constantly are involved with public safety issues throughout the year.  Crews are responsible for cleaning nearly 4,000 storm inlets to help prevent damming and street flooding/freezing, shovel sidewalks at recreation sites and bridge walkways to aid pedestrian traffic, clear fire hydrants to allow firefighters easy access in emergencies, fill potholes, replace street signs, repair vehicles and equipment, and remove accumulated anti-skid at intersections.

Spring Activities:  In spring, crews focus on cleanup and maintenance.  Equipment is power-washed, greased, and fluids are changed.  Spreaders and plows are removed, repaired and stored away for next winter.  While this in-house upkeep is going on, both street sweepers are busy cleaning up the applied anti-skid, debris and refuse that has accumulated on roadways since last fall.  Roadside mowing operations also begin.

Summer Activities:  Summer is time to continue spring projects, to complete the paving program and start roadside cleanup.  Special summer projects include installing new storm pipelines, clearing and dredging creeks, and trimming trees extending into the roadways.  Pothole repairs, sign installations, street sweeping and general maintenance continue all summer.

Fall Activities:  Fall is the season for leaf collection.  Weather permitting, collection begins the first week of November.  If the majority of leaves fall earlier or later, the schedule is adjusted accordingly.  Within twenty-five days crews collect approximately 300 truckloads and 120 sweeper loads of leaves.

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