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Swatara Township Fire-Rescue (STFR) is Swatara Township’s cooperative fire and emergency response system comprised of four volunteer fire rescue stations along with specialized leadership, financial and administrative support provided by a professional Fire Chief and mechanic, supported by volunteer officers including three assistant chiefs, three battalion chiefs, two captains, and three lieutenants.  Volunteers are incentivized through a comprehensive incentive program in order to promote retention and recruitment. 

The STFR system is responsible for coordinating and providing an effective and efficient delivery of fire, medical, rescue, and life safety emergency services within the Swatara Township limits and to mutual aid to areas in need. STFR also strives to improve the quality of life for Township residents by providing public education, select code enforcement, and ongoing training for firefighters. 

Firefighter training will continue to be a priority with the adoption of a comprehensive six-year training program in 2019 to bring all firefighters and officers up to the national standard.  STFR is also striving to improve the health and safety of our firefighters, some examples of our efforts include offering comprehensive NFPA 1582 physicals, implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) for firefighters and their families and ensuring that firefighters always have clean hoods with a hood swap program. 

Visit us at Swatara Township Fire Rescue and be sure to check out our station websites too!

  1. Bressler Friendship Fire Company
  2. Chambers Hill Fire Company
  3. Rutherford Fire Company
  4. Swatara Township Volunteer Fire Company

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