Emergency Management

Swatara Township Emergency Management’s primary function is the planning, prevention, management and mitigation of disasters and major emergencies. Disasters and major emergencies are not all that we do.  We also work with day-to-day emergencies within Swatara Township.  The goal of emergency management is to prevent emergencies from happening whenever possible.  When this is not possible, the goal is to initiate an effective action plan to reduce harmful impacts. 

We have a group of well-trained and talented individuals that make our organization great.  If you would be interested in joining us and helping our community, visit our website stfr91.com/about/ema

To keep informed on severe weather, emergency preparedness tips and what we are doing in the community, follow us on Facebook at Swatara Township EMA.

Weather Hazards: Keep Yourself & Family Safe

Always check the weather forecast for the day before leaving home

Severe weather. Crazy weather patterns seem to affect us in spring particularly. There can be snow, rain, sleet, hail, thunderstorms, even tornados.

Dangerous driving conditions. Weather conditions may result in flooding or muddy and slippery driving conditions.

Flooding and high-water levels. Washed out roadways and creeks are a definite hazard for drivers. Whether walking or driving, avoid flowing water (which can carry us or our vehicle away) and standing water (which may be deeper than we think and contain debris, tree branches or potholes).

Sun hazards. These include heat stress, sunburns, and UV radiation. It is easy to forget that the sun is no safer in April than it is in July. Take breaks in the shade and drink plenty of water.

Insects and vegetation. Poison ivy and ticks that may carry Lyme disease are prevalent in spring. It is important to wear gloves and long sleeves and use insect repellent when working near long grass or forested areas.

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