Purpose of the Department

The purpose of the Department is to advance and enhance the health, safety, and welfare of all residents, local businesses, and visitors through municipal code compliance and law enforcement.  The Department is also serves as a local municipal planning agency that supports orderly land use planning, guides economic development, and promotes environmental protection.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Swatara Township Building and Codes Department to seek compliance with, and the enforcement of, local codes and ordinances assigned to the Department by the Township Board of Commissioners. Codes Officers work alongside staff of the Police Department and the Fire Department to protect life and enhance public safety.  We partner with other local code officials to assure new structures are designed and built to state-wide building codes. We serve and help protect residents, properties, and neighborhoods by seeking compliance with property maintenance and zoning codes.  We support state laws dealing with accessibility, environmental protection, and public health.  We strive to increase the ability of Swatara Township to be the premier location for people to live and for business to thrive in the Harrisburg region through responsive land use planning.  We serve all citizens in a consistent and equitable manner. 

Approved by the Board of Commissioners on February 10, 2021

General Information

The Building and Codes Department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of a wide range of regulations adopted by township ordinance.  This Department is responsible for issuing building permits and zoning permits.  Builiding plan reviews and construction inspections are currently being conducted by Approved Code Services, Inc. as an exclusive third-party agency.  This Department is also involved with regulations relating to flood plain management, subdivision/land development, land use planning, and on-lot sewage disposal systems.  The Code Enforcement Office of the Department is responsible for enforcement of the International Property Maintenance Code and responds to complaints regarding property maintenance issues.

In general, building permits are required for all new construction, additions and alterations.  Permits are generally not needed for routine maintenance and repair of buildings and replacement of exisiting equipment.  Please contact our office if you are not sure if you need a building and/or a zoning permit.  Look for the list on the Forms and Applications page.

Under the Township Zoning Ordinance, approval and issuance of Home Occupation Zoning Permits are required for those types of businesses that can be operated out of a residence.

This Department also handles other types of permits and requests, including Stormwater Management Permits, and requests for exemptions to paying quarterly waste managment fees for specific circumstances.

Please contact us for assistance or additional information.  We look forward to helping you.

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