Business Tax & Rates

Swatara Township Ordinance 1975-3 (Codification of Ordinance revised through September 8, 2004 Chapter 261, Article IV Business Privilege, Section 261-33 Returns and Payment and Section 261-34 Annual License) provides for and regulates the “assessment, levy and collection for general revenue purposes of a business privilege tax upon persons, firms, companies and corporations engaging in business, described therein, within the Township of Swatara, Dauphin County, Pennsylvania.”

In particular, it should be noted that the tax is not simply imposed upon “resident” of Swatara Township or upon “business” in Swatara Township, but is actually a tax upon business activity taking place in Swatara Township.

The ordinance contains pertinent information relative to definitions and rates:

“Business” shall mean any activity carried on or exercised for gain or profit in the Township of Swatara, including but not limited to, the sale of merchandise or other tangible personalty or the performance of services.

“Wholesale Dealer” shall mean any person who sells to dealers in, or vendors of goods, wares and merchandise, and to no other persons.

License Fee: Thirty dollars ($30.00) annually.

Tax Rates: 3/4 mill ($.75 per $1,000.00 or .00075) on the gross volume of business for retail, service and rental 1/2 mill ($.50 per $1,000.00 or .00050) on the gross volume of business for wholesale.

Quarterly PeriodsReturn & Payment Due
January 1 – March 31April 30th
April 1 – June 30July 31st
July 1 – September 30October 31st
October 1 – December 31January 31st
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