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Spruce and West Drive, Ridge Avenue Surveying Work

Dawood Engineering will be surveying the Spruce and West Drive and Ridge Avenue areas beginning Monday, November 29.  Spruce and West Drive and Ridge Avenue have been determined to require total reconstruction.  In addition, the neighborhood streets noted above are going to be impacted by the PennDOT US  322 & Chambers Hill Road Intersection Project.  PennDOT is proposing roadway reconfigurations at the SR 322 (Paxton Street)/ SR 3006 (Chambers Hill Road) / S 82nd Street/SR  2019 (Grayson Road) / Hilton Street intersection; the Grayson Road / Milroy Road intersection; and the SR 322 /Witmer Road intersection. PennDOT’s project will force all west bound traffic from 82nd Street and the neighboring streets to West Drive to exit to Chambers Hill Road via Spruce, Ridge and West Drive. Only east bound right turns will be allowed from 82nd Street according the current PennDOT design. It is anticipated that traffic will increase significantly on Spruce Drive, Ridge Avenue, and West Drive due to the proposed roadway reconfigurations. These Township roads were not designed for this anticipated increase in traffic.  PennDOT’s schedule has final design being completed in the 3rd quarter of 2021 with construction starting in the 4th quarter of 2021. Due to PennDOT’s schedule, the Township has increased the priority of this roadway improvement project and designated the work to be performed in the 2021 paving season to prepare for the impact from PennDOT’s project.

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