Harrisburg Area Humane Society

The Humane Society no longer accepts feral cats. They are endorsing TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs as the best way to handle the feral cat problem. PAWS conducts TNR clinics at the Swatara Township Public Safety Building on a monthly to bimonthly basis.

PAWS operates these free spay/neuter clinics for homeless cats in order to humanely reduce the number of unowned or free-roaming cats in our region. By utilizing this program, residents can eliminate many of the nuisance behaviors of cats in their neighborhoods and on their properties such as reproducing, fighting, spraying and mating. This allows their numbers to decline naturally over time. A PAWS volunteer can offer advice and guidance on trapping cats for TNR. For more information on TNR, you may check the PAWS website below. or call 717-957-8122, Box #3.


Steelton Borough Community Cats

If you have feral cats in your area, contact Steelton Borough Community Cats at 717-877-4146 to register for a trapping session. They will humanely trap the cat for surgery, administer vaccines and return them. Any resident of Swatara Township is eligible for this service. For more information about Steelton Borough Community Cats and its mission, visit www.steeltoncats.org.

Swatara Township, in cooperation with the Steelton Borough Community Cats, is seeking volunteers to trap, transport, help treat and return feral cats as part of their spay, neuter, release program. This program will address the feral cat problem in Swatara Township in the most humane way possible. Steelton Borough Community Cats has run a very successful program to reduce the number of feral cat births within their community. The Swatara Township Board of Commissioners recognizes this program as very effective and humane and is looking for interested parties to volunteer to help with the spay neuter release program. There are various positions in which volunteers can serve to help these cats and their community. Please call 717-877-4146 if you would like to volunteer.

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